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It’s impossible to keep up with JavaScript.

Your buddy Slacks you a post: What’s New In React This Month

A popular dev tweets: Why Aren’t You Using Vue Yet?!

And your inbox is jam-packed with fresh articles: You Must Learn Redux Now! and Redux Is Dead!

It’s overwhelming. There’s too much to know.

But you’re doing your best to keep up, right?

This fast-paced JavaScript industry demands it!

So you’re catching up every chance you get. Scrolling… reading… refreshing… skimming. You’re lost in 42 browser tabs of articles, tutorials, and GitHub repos.

You bookmark a handful to check out later (or, never).

Just checking the latest JavaScript news

I developed a system that easily keeps me up-to-date with JavaScript.

  1. Every Sunday I visit the biggest news platforms (like Hacker News, Twitter, and Medium).
  2. I run filters to discover the most popular JavaScript content from the last 7 days.
  3. I collate, de-dupe, tag, and save the results into a report.

This report is my single source of JavaScript news for the week.

It surfaces the best content from the biggest JavaScript communities, and contains everything I need to stay updated. Even a quick skim of the report keeps me in the loop.

The secret sauce: the JavaScript community itself filters the endless flood of news for me. I‘ve stopped wasting time refreshing Hacker News twice a day. My inbox feels lighter after ditching a bunch of newsletters. I ignore the noise and simply focus on the report.

I’ve decided to publish this report every week. Introducing…

JavaScript Roundup

A free weekly email powered by the JavaScript community

I know, emails suck. But this one is unique:

  • Powered by the JavaScript community itself.
    (no hidden agendas)
  • Surfaces only the best from the biggest online platforms.
    (like Hacker News, Twitter, Medium, GitHub, Reddit, and YouTube)
  • Includes a mix of formats, whatever your preference.
    (like articles, tutorials, discussions, code, tweets, videos, and podcasts)
  • Monitors major releases of popular tools.
    (like Node, VS Code, TypeScript, Babel, Next, and Gatsby)
  • Curated and summarised for skimming.
    (my goal: a few minutes of skimming should keep you updated)

Delivered weekly for free. No spam. Unsubscribe anytime.

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