I Am Turns
Matt Turnbull
Hey, I’m

Matt Turnbull

And I have a confession to make…

I love making websites & apps

It gets me out of bed, and keeps me up at night.

Blame it on crabs

Hermit crab

It all started with building a website about hermit crabs at the age of 13.

20 years later this passion has driven me to:

  • 🛠️Create exceptional websites & apps with award-winning agencies in London and Melbourne
  • 🤝Collaborate with talented teams in Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Guangzhou
  • 📈Deliver a range of digital solutions, from prototypes & MVPs to large-scale enterprise systems
Nerds Only

Some of my favourite languages and tools ():

  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • React, Node.js, Express
  • GraphQL, PostgreSQL
  • Jest, Enzyme, Cypress
  • PostCSS (with SASS style plugins), Tailwind CSS
  • AWS, Netlify, Docker
  • Gatsby, Puppeteer
  • Functional programming, Agile
  • VSCode, Fish shell
Matt Turnbull

Away from the keyboard I love:

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